Borut Lužar


I am an assistant professor at the Faculty of Information Studies in Novo mesto and a member of the Laboratory of Data Technologies. During my PhD studies, I was employed as a young researcher in industry at Ambient d.o.o., where I was also partially employed until 2015. I also have some experience as a developer; from 2006 to 2008, I was employed at Gama System. I defended my PhD thesis, entitled Edge-colorings and partitions, in 2013 under a supervision of Riste Škrekovski. My research work mainly consists of studying problems in graph theory on one side and studying properties and behaviour of complex networks on the other.

In 2018, I am on a research leave at University of Pavol J. Šafarik in Košice, in Slovakia.


E-mail: borut(dot)luzar(at)fis(dot)unm(dot)si


Laboratory for Complex Systems and Network Sciences
Faculty of Information Studies
Ljubljanska cesta 31A
SI-8000 Novo mesto, Slovenia

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